Recap from Paul Heyman’s WWE Network Segment, Steve Corino on Not Going to WWE, The Authority

– In the video below, former ECW star Steve Corino talks to Title Match Wrestling about the WWE Network, why people are still talking about ECW and more. Corino had tryouts with WWE over the years but never signed. Corino says he doesn’t regret not going to WWE but would have liked to have a WrestleMania moment.



– There wasn’t much to the WWE Network “Breaking News” segment with Paul Heyman discussing NBC News anchor Brian Williams tonight. Heyman was there to address how Williams claimed he was in a helicopter in Iraq that was shot down but later admitted that it was not true, he was in a different helicopter. Heyman talked about how Williams is an entertainer and pointed out how Williams ignored the controversy when he signed off of tonight’s broadcast on NBC. Heyman said everyone lies and anyone that is on TV is an entertainer, including Williams, and just because he’s a newscaster that doesn’t mean he should not be allowed to lie. There was a photo of Williams’ face on the screen with the words “Brian Williams Is a Liar” as Heyman spoke. The segment was filmed in the same area where the RAW Pre-shows are filmed.

– WWE tweeted this E! News video of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at the NFL’s Super Bowl 49 last weekend:

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