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Recent NXT injuries possibly part of storyline


WWE released a video on YouTube which showed the injuries of several NXT superstars. It seems that all the injuries might not be real.

It should be noted that Kona Reeves’ injury was real as he needed five stitches to repair his busted cheek. As noted by PW Insider, WWE might be using the videos as part of a storyline, which would explain the absence of some superstars as well.

If WWE’s idea here is to fill in blanks on why characters disappear for a bit, it’s a smart idea, even if the injuries are storyline.

We wonder when Velveteen Dream will return as he is currently out of action. His could be part of the storyline too as he was experiencing “lumbar pain.”

Arturo Ruas’ situation is possibly a storyline as well as he is awaiting X-rays after Pete Dunn “broke his fingers.”

We will keep you updated on the NXT injured superstars once we get to know more.

  • Mike the Ike

    If this is storyline, I really like it. These people are supposedly fighters and that’s how they make their living. It’s realistic to think that they would incur injuries that prevent them from competing for weeks or even months. Sure, there are people that are out with legit injuries, but currently that list is under 10, I believe.