Recently released WWE Star says he was at WWE Performance Center last week

It was surprising for fans when WWE revealed that they are releasing Austin Aries, as many expected the former TNA World Champion to become a big star in WWE.



After his release, there were several reports about why it happened, with the most popular one being that the WWE Staff wasn’t happy with his attitude backstage, which made many believe that the doors for his return might be closed as well.

However, a new post from A Double has started new rumors about whether or not the relationship between him and WWE are too sour for the company to sign him again somewhere down the line.

Austin recently posted a photo from his official Instagram account and revealed that he was at the Performance Center this past week. What’s interesting to note here is that Austin’s no-compete clause with WWE ended only a few days ago on October 5th.

While it’s too early to say if Austin Aries’ visit to performance Center actually meant anything, it has still left people guessing why the former Champion was there.

We’ll keep you posted if any new details about his visit come to light. You can check out the full post of Austin below:

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