Released Wrestler Complains About WWE, Manu Weighs In On Roman Reigns, The Rock

– Chad Baxter, a former collegiate wrestling champion WWE released last week from developmental, complained about the organization’s stagnant product on Twitter days later, writing, “Im sick of seeing the same matches on @WWE #Boring #Overplayed.”



When asked why WWE would release him, as well as fellow developmental wrestlers Chase Donovan and Nick Rogers, he wrote, “Its a mystery! Unfortunately I don’t know the answer why this happened.” He then re-tweeted a message stating, “WWE was stupid releasing you.”

Baxter added that he has plans to continue wrestling.

– The debut of Roman Reigns at Survivor Series has drawn comparisons to that of another Samoan wrestler who made a surprise debut at a WWE pay-per-view event: Manu. The two grapplers are close cousins, with Reigns being the son of WWE Hall of Famer Sika and Manu being the son of Afa—Sika and Afa were enshrined together in 2007. Manu, who continues to compete on the independent circuit as Afa Jr., weighed in on Reigns’ WWE debut via Twitter Monday, writing, “My Partner in crime growing up. My cousin Roman Reigns debuted last night. #Proud #ImTheOnlyOneMissingNow #SeeYaSoon #TryNstopMe.”

– The 2010 movie Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, airs on FX tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

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