Renee Young Feeds Baby In Beautiful Photo

The former WWE announcer and backstage interviewer, Renee Paquette recently took to her Instagram account and posted a series of pictures during her pregnancy and postpartum. She went on to discuss her pregnancy journey in the caption of the post. She noted that it is cesarean section awareness month and she shared her experience to undergo that procedure while giving birth to her child, Nora.



Here is what her caption read:

I just learned that it’s cesarean section awareness month. I had NO idea what to expect as the clock winded down on my pregnancy with Nora. What kind of birth was I going to have? You just assume that you’re going to have a typical delivery, assumed I’d have the same type of delivery my mom had with me. Psyche!! At 40 weeks I was induced, was in labor for 24 hours, but baby Nora wasn’t budging, wasn’t interested in making her way down 😂 so low and behold- a C-section was necessary. And to be completely honestly after 24 hours I looked at the doctor and asked “when do we pull the trigger and get her out” not 10 minutes later Nora was cut out and in Jons arms (trying to nurse from him 😂😂) while I was stitched back up. But my whole mindset going into Nora’s birthday was “whatever keeps everyone healthy, let’s do that”. The end result was a beautiful perfect healthy baby. I rarely ever even remember that I have a scar. But when I do, I’m proud of it! Cheers to healthy babies and healthy moms! And cheers to the doctors that do it was with a steady hand! ❤️💗

You can check out the Instagram post below:

Renee Paquette talks about her pregnancy

Paquette and AEW star Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose in WWE) had welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Nora in the last year. Paquette during her Oral Sessions podcast had revealed her journey into motherhood and how she and her husband, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, braced for this new chapter in their lives.

“So, it was almost about a year. I’d say of, trying to figure it out and getting the timing right, all of those things. Yeah, I don’t know how much of it was pressure from being on the road or pressure from my job at the time or if it was just like divine intervention the way that things kind of worked the way they’re supposed to work. Literally, two weeks after I left WWE, timing-wise, I didn’t find out until a month after that. Rolling it back, you start to do the math in your head, and you go, holy s–t, I got pregnant immediately after leaving WWE,” Renee Paquette noted on the timing of getting pregnant.

“This was straight off the heels of my doctor telling me, ‘You probably have to do IVF.’ I was ok with that. I was ready to do that, literally, I had the medication at home, ready to go. Lo and behold, just after that, I was like, I’m just going to take a pregnancy test just to check. ‘Cause we had been sitting on the couch just hanging out, and I was about to make myself a cocktail, and I was like, I’m just going to check. Keep in mind: I had to go through many pregnancies and ovulation tests, all this s–t over the past year. You don’t expect to see a positive result. You keep expecting it to be negative, negative, negative. What a s–t feeling that is. But then, you get the positive and think, wait, me?! To actually see that positive result is the craziest, best feeling.”

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