Renee Young on Dean Ambrose not informing her of WWE Title win

One of the best moments in Dean Ambrose’s career came when he cashed in his Money In The Bank Contract at the 2016 Money In The Bank event and became the WWE Champion. It was the night where all three members of The Shield were WWE Champion.



During Not Sam Wrestling, Corey Graves said that he was watching WrestleMania 31 from the skybox, where he congratulated Rollins on his match against Randy Orton. Rollins replied ”you ain’t seen nothing yet”, which Graves eventually realised what Seth meant once he saw him run down with his Money In The Bank briefcase to cash in during the main event and close out the show by becoming the WWE Champion.

Renee Young then talked about how her husband Dean Ambrose, whom she also calls Jon, didn’t inform of her the big WWE title win beforehand during Money In The Bank 2016.

“It’s magical, yeah like when Dean cashed in his Money In The Bank and won the WWE Championship. He NEVER tells me anything. But yeah, I heard some people backstage say, ‘Yeah, make sure you watch tonight’s main event,’ I was like, ‘Okay, what?’ And thank god I got to get to a monitor and I got to see Jon cash in his Money In The Bank contract otherwise I would not have seen that, but to get those magical moments is like, it blows your mind.”

“It blew my mind and we got to drive home that night and we just went to our own house like, ‘Oo that was weird.’ Then we went and drank tall boys behind a gas station.”

However, things are different for Ambrose now, as he is set to leave the company after April. We will have to wait and see what’s in store for Dean.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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