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Renee Young talks about her experience working in Saudi Arabia

The WWE recently wrapped up the Crown Jewel event which was wrapped in controversy. With the murder of the journalist in Saudi Arabia, the non-involvement of women added salt to the injury. Although, in a surprising initiative, Renee Young was added for the commentary.

Speaking to BBC Radio along with Michael Cole, the former backstage interviewer opened upon her stint in the Middle East. Young claimed that the opportunity helped her to bring upon a change. She said:

“One thing I will say that was very cool about that—as well is being a woman welcomed into Saudi Arabia, to step into the announce booth and be part of the broadcast—is how many men, women, children coming up to me, knowing that this was a big moment of change and that there is a demand and need for women to be performing in Saudi Arabia. So, [the Saudi people] are asking for it, certainly.”


  • Whistling Joe

    Outside of King, I have never heard any of the men commentators talk about the women like they needed to remain sitting down. Nor have I heard them make comments about how fashionable the women looked.

  • Steven Stevens

    You can say this about the commentary for the last 15 years lol. Watch Joey Styles rant.

  • Whistling Joe

    Renee is setting back the women’s revolution most weeks. I’m all for women being women and being into pretty dresses and sparkling things, etc. When I am watching wrestling, I want commentary about the moves and the stories and the athletes. I don’t want to hear about how many sequins each woman has on or how much glitter the girls sprinkled on. Additionally, would someone please get her a personal desiccate? Some of her comments about the men are about one step away from Jerry Lawler territory. Get her some bottled water, because the thirst is real.