Renee Young talks about WWE Backstage doing what Talking Smack could not

WWE had a show called Talking Smack which aired after SmackDown every week. Renee Young and Daniel Bryan were the hosts of the show, which was unscripted in nature. Quite a few memorable moments took place during the show.



The most iconic moment might be The Miz cutting his infamous promo on the business during Talking Smack. It allowed Superstars to present to the fans, parts of themselves that were not scripted. However, the show was eventually cancelled.

Renee Young spoke to TV Insider, where she said that FOX is working with them in order to make WWE Backstage into something that Talking Smack was not able to become.

“It’s nice to have the resources of FOX. We work with the producers there to come up with what works and doesn’t work. We bounce off each other. Going back to what I was doing with WWE, one of the things I was most proud of and had the most fun on was Talking Smack. It was so loose.”

“We really went on there with no script. We would wing it and try to make the best show we could. I think the fans really felt that authenticity from myself and Daniel Bryan. Now to work with FOX and develop this show and turn it into something Talking Smack wasn’t able to be.”

WWE Backstage is still busy trying to get a solid audience. CM Punk helped the show get 180,000 fans when he last made an appearance. We will have to see how much the ratings will be following his latest appearance this week.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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