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Report: Alberto Del Rio Arrested Over the Weekend After Bloody Club Brawl

According to a report from Austrian news outlet Krone, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio was was arrested this past weekend on Friday December 30, 2016.

The arrest reportedly stemmed from a brawl that involved Del Rio and his brother, El Hijo del Dos Cara, after an indie show in Leoben, Austria. Del Rio was obviously released as there is video of him arriving at tonight’s (Monday January 2, 2017) Monday Night RAW with girlfriend Paige. ADR left the country 24 hours after he had originally planned and Paige was not with him.

Following the brawl Del Rio and his brother were taken to a local police station while the man they fought was said to have been hospitalized. Del Rio and his brother then got into a fist fight with one another after Del Rio was trying to calm him down at the police station. The brawl between Del Rio and his brother left the department walls bloody and ended up hospitalizing ADR’s brother.

Del Rio also had to have ankle shackles put on him after having broke the original ties that were restraining his arms before.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more…..

  • CC

    typical anger management issues

  • Killswitch

    Not even his brother is safe…holy cow.

  • gar216

    Del Rio seems like a bit of an asshole…

  • CC

    You would have to put the blame squarely on Del Rios shoulders. Guy obviously has a temper and lack of control. Remember, racist comment or not, he lost his job with WWE first time because of his temper, and Paige was not around then.

  • D2K

    They are like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were with each other. Alone they did fine. Together…..well that’s something else again.

  • Omar

    Cant decide if ADR is a bad influence on Paige or Paige is bad influence on ADR.

  • D2K

    Did Paige and ADR step out of a DeLorean? Might wanna change that date to 2017.

    As far as Del Rio goes, this guy needs to get his head screwed on straight.