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Report: James Storm Signs Two-Year Deal With TNA

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm returned to TNA on Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. We reported earlier in the week that he had flown into Bethlehem, PA on Sunday night and was going to appear on the show.

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling, the reason Storm returned to TNA was because of money. WWE was only willing to offer him a deal that would bring Storm in for less than $100K a year. 

TNA wanted him back, so they offered him 2 1/2 times more than what WWE was offering him. He also would get a portion of his merchandise sales. Storm agreed to a two-year deal with TNA. 

The door was left open by WWE officials for Storm to return in the future.

  • jrock2310

    a lot of people have left, some have restructured, & others are taking smaller deals.

  • jrock2310

    meh…im fine w/ it. storm seems a little too hillbilly, too 80’s WCW ‘ish to me. and he’s also getting up there in age. he wouldn’t have turned many heads in WWE. no offense, but he is what he is. he’s better off getting paid in TNA than having minimal impact & less money in WWE.

  • Joe Sweat

    And here I was excited to have him. Boo!

  • I found the little crotch chop at the end of his in-ring segment to be rather interesting although I don’t think I’ve noticed anybody else pick up on that little detail.

  • CC

    Seems a strange decision to make on his part, but maybe he just used WWE as a bargaining chip to get more money out of TNA. Lets just hope they can actually make those pay cheques seeing as they are already struggling to pay people, and I am sure I read somewhere that they make no money at all from this Pop tv deal.