Report on the Future of TNA PPV Events




– When TNA President Dixie Carter mentioned recently in interviews that she was not in favor of the monthly pay-per-view events that TNA produces, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that it is a subject that has been discussed in the company for months now since the pay-per-view events are doing so poorly buyrate wise.

One idea being tossed around is cutting to either six to eight shows a year and having live three hour specials on Spike TV to support the loss of month-to-month events. However, Spike has yet to approve this. TNA is still under contract with cable companies to produce monthly pay-per-view events, but when that contract expires it is expected the issue will be addressed.

If Spike was to say no on holding a few live event specials, where they go from there is anyone’s guess. One perk of the new deal with Spike is that they are free to negotiate with other networks.

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