Report: Saudi Arabia apparently gave WWE payment through 2020

Reports suggested that WWE had issues with Saudi Arabia, but it seems there will no longer be any issues henceforth. Apparently, Saudi Arabia has already paid WWE for the next two shows.



The company and Saudi Arabia announced an expansion of their deal through 2027. While the length has not been extended, another yearly event will be added.

According to a report by Brad Shepard on the Oh, You Didn’t Know Patreon, Saudi Arabia has paid all the money they owed WWE. On top of that, they also paid for the next two events as well.

The money owed from previous events was paid and both events scheduled for 2020 were paid in advance today

We will get to know in due time when the new yearly event will be announced.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter has been a huge pro wrestling fan since 2002, and it's been his first love ever since then. He has years of writing experience for all things pro wrestling. His interests outside of wrestling include films, books and soccer.

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