Report says Stars are uncomfortable with working Saudi Arabia, WWE responds

The whole situation involving WWE and their Saudi Arabia show has been getting worse every day and as we noted before, even some senators urged the company to put a pause on their upcoming event.



Not too long after that, Sports Illustrated published a report about the upcoming show, claiming that multiple members of the WWE roster have expressed discomfort with the idea of working in Saudi Arabia:

“peaking on the condition of anonymity, multiple members of the WWE talent roster have expressed discomfort with the idea of performing in Saudi Arabia, especially given the nation’s poor record with human rights. “

After this report came out, WWE responded but as before, they didn’t say much and released the following statement to a number of media outlets which had reached out to them:

“As always, we maintain an open line of communication with our performers as we continue to monitor the situation.”

So far WWE appears to be going forward with their planned bout but things can still change and we’ll keep you posted if any other news regarding the matter comes to light.

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