Report: WWE apparently concerned regarding Alexa Bliss’ in-ring career

Alexa Bliss is a very talented superstar, but she has suffered a string of injuries throughout her career. She has been out of action owing to another injury.



As reported by Brad Shepard, Alexa Bliss has been cleared for an in-ring return. However, there is apparently some concern in the company that Alexa Bliss’ in-ring career might not have much time left.

According to a source in #WWE, Alexa Bliss is medically cleared for in-ring action (and scheduled to return in mid-November after the Euro tour as I reported), however I’m told the internal belief is she won’t last in the ring beyond another few years, due to her injury history.

Alexa has played many roles throughout her career and has shown how talented she is in character work. Even if she can no longer wrestle, it is certain WWE will have plans for her elsewhere.

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