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Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event On Monday’s Raw

As seen Monday on Raw, WWE overhauled its plans for Survivor Series on November 18, 2012.

On the show, Vince McMahon mandated that CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Ryback and John Cena at the pay-per-view event. With this turn of events, Team Punk is now known as Team Ziggler, while Team Foley has an empty fifth slot. Prior to the change, The Miz quit the group in protest of Punk’s leadership, and was replaced by Wade Barrett after Paul Heyman aggressively sought him.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE changed their plans for multiple reasons. Among them was the belief that the originally scheduled main event, Team Punk vs. Team Foley in Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, would draw dismal pay-per-view buy numbers. With rare exceptions, tag team matches as main events are generally mediocre earners on pay-per-view. The entire Bragging Rights concept was dropped for that very reason.

What also swayed plans for Survivor Series were the pay-per-view buy figures for Hell in a Cell on DirecTV being “surprisingly strong.” Privately, McMahon credited Ryback for the result and felt placing him in a ten-man tag team match, even though he would likely be left standing, would not be beneficial to him. McMahon feels they need to capitalize on Ryback’s momentum, which would require the muscle-bound grappler to challenge for the WWE Championship in the main event.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • @Lord KGM
    I totally Agree with you mate, Ryback is fast forward time for me when I watch RAW ,so he got more muscles , so what , Vince is stuck with Body Builder/Wrestler body type (…ops Sorry I meant Sport entertainer for those who doesnt know what is wrestling , you cannot put something like Ryback as Face it’s .. just …Wrong

  • Lord KGM

    Ryback is garbage. I bet those numbers suck but Vince is trying to milk his cow. Lol literally making the dumbest decision in WWE history because the WWE needs some rejuvination going for the company. That match would have not only generated interest but it could have easily been one of the matchest of the year. Dumbasses, peace Lord KGM

  • Bill E. Bob

    Maybe a push for Taker/Ryback at WM? There’s time for a push and build-up…

  • Tyler(:

    I see CM Mark is still a deluded fanboy of CM Punk.

    I love how when a gimmick is changed for the worse it’s the creative teams fault, yet when a superstar’s gimmick is changed for the better, they get all the credit.

    Typical idiots.

  • Albert

    Givas us a divas elimination Tag match – Team Vickie vs Team AJ 🙂

    Vickie will have Eve, Natalya, Aksana and Rosa
    AJ will have Layla, Kaitlyn, Alicia and Naomi if Tamina cant make it 🙂

  • Bill

    Have Miz turn face & join Team Foley, or just have Foley wrestle again.

  • Dan

    ^ The thing is Cena doesn’t have to reinvent himself, he is not in danger of becoming irrelevant to the WWE. Sure, at least 90% of people over 16 are fed up of seeing the same superman like comebacks etc, but its unlikely that he’s going to drop into mid-card status anytime soon. Until recently Punk never really got the opportunities so he had to reinvent himself to show how well he can play different characters. As for Ryback, those portrayed as monsters don’t tend to have long shelf lives, why else do you think Kane and Big Show regularly switch back and forth from heel to face?

  • eric

    when u think @cmmark guy who has not reinvented himself. u have to talk about john cena. he had same hulk hogan superhero gimmick charcter for 7 yrs since 2005. taker said on jimmy kimmel show in 2003. u have to reinvent ur self. taker did had deadman gimmick. than in 2000-2003 for 3 yrs reinvented himself into biker gimmick as american badass. than back to deadman gimmick. cena has yet reinvent himself. his superhero gimmick is old and stale. is very lame. ryback getting over big way. it is wait and see scernio. with mr ryback see if he will sink or swim. he could turn out to be very big draw. or could be failure sink. just wait and see!

  • jeff

    I see Mick Foley wreslting in that 5th slot

  • Zedd

    They should make Mick the special guest ref just to play up the feud.

  • CM Mark

    They better capitalize on Ryback while they can. He’s a one trick Pony and once he’s wore off I don’t see him reinventing himself like a Punk or Jericho.

  • mike

    I completely agree with vinces decesion, becauce this creates a much more balanced card for SS. Howevor, wwe must announce what other matches will be on the ppv b/c it tkaes places in about a week. My card would be:
    1.5 on 5 elimination taqg match-Team Prime time(PTP,3Mb) vs. Mysterio,sincara,ryder,santino and Justin Gabriel
    2.cesaro/truth (us title)
    3.Divas Match (who cares) (Last man standing whc match)
    5.Team Foley w/ miz vs. Team dolph
    6.punk/ryback/cena (wwe title)