Report: WWE superstars apparently jealous of AEW’s booking of Jake Hager

Jake Hager has been booked as a force to be reckoned with in AEW so far. He was the surprise at the end of AEW’s debut show. He is billed as an undefeated Bellator fighter instead of a former WWE superstar.



According to a report by Wrestling News, some WWE superstars are envious of the way Hager has been booked in AEW so far.

[One Superstar reportedly said]

“I know he just started and he hasn’t done a whole lot with them yet but [Jack] Swagger is already a bigger deal with them than he was when he was here.”

“They talk him up as a MMA badass instead of an ex-WWE guy and that’s smart of them to do. And they have done so much to get over those younger guys. There’s something about the way everyone is presented that is appealing.”

We wonder how well Hager will be booked in AEW as time goes on. He has an upcoming fight at Bellator soon and his booking will depend on his success in the fight.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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