Report: WWE Wants the SummerSlam PPV To Be Second Biggest Show

PWInsider reports that WWE hopes to make SummerSlam a bigger annual event with a WrestleMania-like feel to it. WWE is holding a Fan Axxess event for the show this year, and plans to continue hosting the PPV in major cities in hopes that the idea of SummerSlam being WWE’s 2nd biggest show will catch on.



One problem with the plan this year is that there’s only 30 days between the upcoming Night Of Champions PPV and the SummerSlam PPV. Several people within the company feel 30 days isn’t enough time to hype up an event that’s supposed to be second only to WrestleMania.

There are talks within WWE about possibly eliminating one of their annual PPVs in favor of having more time to promote the others, and also jacking up the SummerSlam PPV price tag to match WrestleMania’s.

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