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Reported reason for WWE not announcing matches for TLC in advance

Bray Wyatt as the Universal Champion

The TLC PPV is less than two weeks away but WWE has not announced any matches for the PPV yet and latest reports suggest that there is a good reason behind it.

According to reports from Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon believes that the special WWE events are now more about Network sign-ups then traditional Pay Per View buys.

Since the patterns of WWE Network sign up shows subscription hike in the last day of the show, the officials believe that there is no need to announce the matches far in advance.

The report also notes that the current plans for TLC main event are for Daniel Bryan to challenge the Fiend for the Universal title but Bryan is said to be heavily involved with the storyline.

So it’s possible that this bout is held off for later on and if it happens that the Miz is most likely to be The Universal Champion’s opponent at the upcoming PPV.

  • Luke

    …What Culture is a pretty huge channel, it’s kind of on you if you’ve not heard of it.

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    I meant within the 24 hours before the show. Sorry if i wasn’t clear

  • Steven Davis

    Your grammar is horrible. You should write for this site.

  • CC

    Yeah, I have no idea what the muppet is on about either.

  • CC

    You do that, and they will lose a lot of subscriptions. The bulk of people who subscribe to the network do it to save money on the PPVs.
    If you only have 4 a year, then people will selectively cancel and renew.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    “…WWE Network sign up shows subscription hike in the last day of the show…”

    You mean, the last day before the show, or the day of the show…? Is a show more than one day?


    Sorry I don’t believe anything Dave Meltzer says since everyone who works there says he has no connections to inside stuff plus his website is actually being paid by Tony Khans media Company TruMedia..
    It’s public record….For some reason people ignore this face, They pay a lot of people including a Youtube Channel called What Culture, which I never heard of. I think other “wrestling Journalist” want to be paid as well and this is why they are not saying anything. There’s a guy named Todd Martin (No idea who he is) was going around a convention asking people close to Arn Anderson who how he could get on payroll, the whole point is to say WWE SUCKS and AEW is so great. I’m pretty sure Wade Keller gets paid by them now.

  • Will Henderson

    i think all the non-big 4 events don’t need to be PPVs no more, just do them as WWE Network exclusive specials where half of the show’s a house show and the other half is televised.