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Reports emerge on potential backstage heat on Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar

With Roman Reigns’ unfortunate departure from the company and the title scene, many hoped that Braun Strowman’s crowning moment will arrive, with his cash-in attempt already exhausted.

However, at Crown Jewel, the ‘Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar decimated The Monster Among Men to once again win the title after losing it to Reigns at Summerslam, a few months ago.

More surprising than the result was the fashion in which Strowman buckled down, the former Wyatt Family member barely got any offence in after being struck down early by Baron Corbin with the Universal Title. An interesting theory has emerged on to why the WWE did not place the title on Strowman, with the apparent reason being backstage heat.

Mike Johnson on the recent PWInsider Audio Show shed clarity into the hazy situation. Johnson claimed:

“One of the things that I heard from multiple people – we’re talking 4 different people. There are times where Strowman is negligent when it comes to showing up on time,” Johnson said. He added “He has a reputation at times for leaving a little early and sometimes he makes mistakes in terms of etiquette in the backstage in the locker room. Sometimes, as one person put it, he’s his own worst enemy and his worst advocate. They would be high on him and just when he gets to the point where you would think the next step is putting him into the centerpiece position for the company [then] something happens and he makes some sort of misstep backstage and people within management kind of cool on him and they take a step back.”

However, it is also to be noted that Lesnar also has the knack of leaving the arena immediately after getting done with his segment, but apparently, the locker room rules are different for the longest reigning champion.


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I not worry about that at all. I know WWE for to long to always see the bigger picture. Heck I even believe if not for Roman Regins illness he was going to put over Braun Strowman at WM 35.

  • Brian

    Being late is one thing, but after your match, what’s the point of hanging around the arena? Have your shower, and go have something to eat, etc.

  • Steven Stevens

    If he doesn’t win at WM35 what will you say? Hell he may even get injured before then. lol

  • ROB-1.

    Like I wrote many times Lesnar is a waste of time and money.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Gotta love “ye ole rumor mill”. Take this crap with a grain of salt, yeah.

  • Luke

    Except we’re not talking about rights. We’re talking about perks.

    The CEO of a company who has worked there for twenty years gets to use the company jet. The guy who mops the floor and started yesterday does not. That is not an equal rights issue.

    Similarly, Lesnar, who has been a consistent draw and good return on investment for WWE for over a decade, bringing in UFC fans as well as WWE fans, gets to leave early. Strowman, who is about three years into his career, doesn’t. That isn’t an equal rights issue either.

    You can also negotiate your hours when you’re applying for a job. How likely you are to get what you want depends on how the company perceives your value.

    Brock is perceived as more valuable to WWE than Strowman at this point, so he gets to leave earlier, because that is the deal he has negotiated. Again, not an infringement on anybody’s rights.

    Hope that helps.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Braun Strowman is taking the title at WM 35 it always been the plan. I never get into backstage heat because people on the internet really don’t have a clue what goes on backstage.

  • CC

    You don’t understand how equal rights work.
    It does not matter how much money you bring in, all colleagues are held to the same set of rules, and if they are not, then your rules are not worth the paper they are written on.

  • CC

    You start your first line by saying it is, then prove with your second line that they put it on a guy who is worse than Strowman.

    You also say that Brock makes them more money. Does he really? With viewing figures down, and tickets not selling out, how exactly does he make them more money? You can bet your bottom dollar he makes a bigger % off merch, so I doubt he is even bringing in that much extra from those sales.

    Strowman is actually one of the higher merch sellers for WWE right now, is on tv every week and has fan support. He is also paid a lot less, so by all of that, the chances are % wise, he brings in the same as or more than Lesnar.

    Recent figures on tv and at live events have proved that bringing in big names like Lesnar and Rousey are not generating the kind of buzz they expected.

  • Luke

    You don’t understand how an employee who makes the company more money gets more leeway and perks than another employee?

    Eesh. Life is gonna hit you hard 🙁

  • Rinn13

    No, it isn’t “understandable”. And frankly, he doesn’t make the company
    ALL that much money. What’s good for the goose should be good for the
    gander. You set a real bad standard, when all of these full-timers put
    the body on the line literally over a hundred matches a year, while
    Brock wrestles maybe five all while getting paid way more than any of
    them. It isn’t “understandable” at all.

  • Luke

    It absolutely is. Champions are expected to uphold the standard of behaviour which is set for everyone. Brock gets away with it, which is a shame but understandable given his tenure and how much money he makes. Braun is still comparatively new and has not proven himself as a draw yet, so he has dues to pay. Turning up on time is not a difficult thing to do.

  • Luke

    Lol you have absolutely no insight into whether Braun is humble or respectful enough.

    Respect, manners and etiquette are hugely important in wrestling, as they should be. Everyone needs to trust each other. Turning up on time is not a difficult thing to do. If Braun isn’t, then that’s disrespectful to everyone else who got there on time. Brock is also disrespectful in that way, but makes so much money for WWE that it isn’t seen as that big of a deal.

  • Carlos82

    Probably more to do with them wanting in on some easy UFC publicity if Brock gets a title fight and even better of he wins it

  • Steven Stevens

    WWE don’t really need a reason if they don’t want him champ he won’t be champ.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Wow… is this a wrestling company or a school playground with attitudes like that? Like come on, so what if the guy makes a couple of mistakes? He’s still fairly new to the game, but at least he’s humble and respectful enough. Brock doesn’t care and he’s given large amounts of money for jack sh**, considering how the wwe promote the whole b a star thing they really are quite childish and petty

  • CC

    Doesn’t really sound like a reason to not put the title on him though does it.