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If you respect Ric Flair, wait for his family to communicate what’s going on

The recent health situation Ric Flair is going through is on a lot of people’s hearts and minds. SummerSlam might be at the forefront of many people’s attention but the fact is The Nature Boy is also in a lot of people’s thoughts and prayers. He could still use as many prayers as he can get because Flair is still fighting.

But Ric Flair is no stranger to fighting or overcoming obstacles because he’s been doing it his entire career.

Flair’s good friend Eric Bischoff recently spoke about Ric Flair’s current health situation on his podcast Bischoff On Wrestling. He said it was hard for him to imagine someone with so much life being in such a bad health situation. After all, critical condition is no place for the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer.

“I think that you know, like a lot of fans and a lot of friends of Ric and his peers in the industry across the board I think we’re all concerned. For me on a personal note it’s just really hard for me to imagine Ric Flair in any kind of a compromised position or situation physically. I just saw Ric a couple months ago and [Flair’s fiance] Wendy and we went out to dinner a couple nights in a row. We were both in Montreal together at the same time.”

“As far as any updates go I’ve been able to stay aware of what’s going on. […] If you respect Ric Flair I think the best way to show love for him and respect for him is to kinda just refrain from commenting on anything publicly and let the Flair family decide how and when they want to communicate what’s going on with Ric.”

Quotes in this article thanks to Bischoff On Wrestling and WrestlingNews.Co for the transcription

  • oppa

    The colon surgery came from the New York Times, Dave was quoting them. Yet no one ever called them out for being the first to report that, or Gene Okerland for saying that Ric had colon surgery on Twitter. Have to call them out as well, not just Dave.

  • CC

    But most of the leaks have not been true, so I very much doubt they are actual leaks.
    Wasn’t it the great know it all Meltzer who reported colon surgery only for Flairs fiance to shoot that one down?

  • oppa

    Someone is leaking this stuff out there. If anything, people should look at the hospital since they could face a major lawsuit if they are leaking his private info to the press.

  • pitfallharry219

    Unless you’re Meltzer and start reporting on surgeries that Flair hasn’t even had.