RETRIBUTION members’ identities on WWE RAW possibly revealed

For weeks, WWE has felt the presence of RETRIBUTION on RAW and SmackDown. Their attacks on RAW caused trouble, including a head injury to Rey Mysterio. The WWE Universe has been guessing about their identities, although it has not been officially revealed yet.



In this week’s episode of WWE RAW, RETRIBUTION appeared on the screen and spoke for the first time, making a statement. The voices of the two members of the group who spoke during the promo had altered voices. Now, Wrestling News has revealed that after lowering the pitch of the promos, the two Superstars’ voices became clearer.

According to the rumors circulating about the two voices, they could be the voices of Dominik Dijakovic and Mercedes Martinez. Now, this is no more than a rumor at the moment. The wrestling community has been speculating about Dijakovic’s possible presence in the group for some time.

The use of WWE NXT stars makes this group appear similar to that of NEXUS, who also appeared and caused destruction on the main roster. RETRIBUTION may not reveal their identities soon, but this was the first time they spoke since making their debut. The coming weeks will likely see more details revealed about the faction.

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