The Revival comment on being off RAW for two months

As we previously reported, one half of WWE Tag Team The Revival, Dash Wilder, suffered a broken jaw this past Friday at a WWE NXT Live Event. He underwent surgery for the injury and will be out-of-action for two months. Wilder’s partner, Scott Dawson, had the following to say on Twitter:



“We’re two hard-headed, southern-minded individuals. We will be back and continue to do what we have always done and that’s barrel through every tag team. No matter whether it’s a jaw, a knee, an ankle or an ice cream cart, we are going to go through ya and make sure we get as much money in our bank account as possible.”

Dash also Tweeted during RAW:

“This is far from the end for The Revival. It’s just a lucky “break” for every other tag team on Monday Night Raw. An eight week reprieve. It’s gonna take more than a mouth that’s wired shut to keep us from being the greatest tag team of all time. If it were up to me we’d be out there every night fighting and making money. Even with some metal hardware holding my jaw together we are the best tag team on the planet. It’s just a matter of time before the only metal hardware The Revival has are the RAW tag team titles. #TopGuys #MondayNightRevival”

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