Rey Mysterio added to more upcoming shows including PPV

We noted before how WWE announced Rey Mysterio for a number of upcoming events after revealing that he is back with the company on a full-time basis.



Now the company has added him to even more events, including the upcoming Survivor Series PPV and TLC PPV. Below is the updated WWE schedule of the former World Champion.

  • October 16, Washington: SmackDown 1000
  • October 20, Hartford – Supershow live event
  • October 21, Boston – Supershow live event
  • October 22, White Plains – SmackDown live event
  • October 23, Newark: SmackDown TV
  • October 30, Atlanta: SmackDown TV
  • November 3, Cardiff: SmackDown live event
  • November 4, Aberdeen: SmackDown live event
  • November 5, Birmingham: SmackDown live event
  • November 6, Manchester: SmackDown TV tapings
  • November 13, St. Louis: SmackDown TV
  • November 18, Los Angeles: Survivor Series
  • November 20, Los Angeles: SmackDown TV
  • November 24, Cincinnati: Starrcade
  • November 27, Minneapolis: SmackDown TV
  • December 4, Austin: SmackDown TV
  • December 16, San Jose: TLC
  • December 29, Pittsburgh: SmackDown TV

As noted before, Rey Mysterio is scheduled to make his return to WWE during the SmackDown 1000 episode where he will face Shinsuke Nakamura in a World Cup qualifying match.

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