Rey Mysterio Caught Partying With Daughter In Photo

As often as the king of the 619, Rey Mysterio wears his mask, it’s shocking that he didn’t wear one for this.



No exception to this rule is, Rey Mysterio who was photographed partying with his daughter, Aalayh, who was pulled from Smackdown. Rey and Aalyah are seen in public during an alcohol fueled party showing Rey with no mask. This photo appears to be taken before the COVID era, but you never know if it could be more recent.

While there’s no word on when this photo was actually taken; it’s definitely interesting to see.

Rey also tested positive for Covid a couple of months along with his son Dominik. The pair disappeared from television, surprising many fans at the time. Since then they returned, reviving a feud with King Corbin that has seen Dominik wrestle Corbin on TV numerous times. Rey and Dominik failed to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match.

Aalyah was dating Murphy on TV after the Seth Rollins storyline ended, but Murphy and Aalyah were then pulled from TV. Murphy was seen in the background during Seth Rollins’ recent return segment with the Smackdown roster, but he hasn’t had a recent storyline.

Credit to Dirt Sheet Radio for the photo.

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