Rey Mysterio Daughter Told Not To Date WWE Star

Konnan, who is close friends with Rey Mysterio and his family, revealed on a new episode of Keepin’ it 100 that he is telling Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah Gutierrez to not date any professional wrestlers. On screen in WWE, Aalyah has dated Murphy, though that is purely a storyline.



Wrestling-Edge transcribed Konnan and Disco Inferno’s conversation from Keepin’ it 100, as they discussed the Ric Flair and Lacey Evans romantic angle.

Konnan: Aalyah is 19 as a shoot, this guy is 32 as a shoot. This girl is 30 as a shoot, this guy is 70 as a shoot. Huge difference.

They look like they’d be dating. Murphy and Aalyah look like they’d be dating. You could see them at a club somewhere. If you saw Ric Flair with a girl, you’d think gold digger or some shit.

Disco Inferno: Let me ask you a question, is Aalyah dating anybody in WWE?

Konnan: No.

Disco Inferno: Because now that she’s in the business, it seems like every girl in the business [dates someone].

Konnan: My advice to her is never date anybody in the wrestling business, ever.

Disco Inferno: Of course, I never wanted to date anybody in the business. I wanted to get away from wrestling.

Konnan: I wouldn’t want to go to work with somebody that I live with. I need my space.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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