Rey Mysterio Drops Drug Rehab Bombshell

Rey Mysterio is a legend who recently completed 20 years in the WWE. WWE and A&E presented his journey from his initial days when he started learning the skills from his uncle in Tijuana, who went by the name Rey Misterio. His uncle was a professional wrestler and a famous name in the Mexican circuit.



Is this why Rey Mysterio has a mask? What made him wear the mask? His uncle Misterio takes us through his backyard, where tons of them are collected. Rey takes us through the journey of Lucha libre and the history of Aztec and Mayan warriors who donned masks before the battle. Rey also revealed that he went to drug rehab for an addiction to pain pills in the late 2000’s, which was tough on his wife.

Mysterio talks about how his journey in AAA Lucha Libre began and how things went up when Paul Heyman met Konnan, who brought him to ECW in September 1995. It became better when he moved to WCW. Rey recalled how everyone made fun of him backstage in June 1996 for his size before his debut match.

What followed was a standing ovation after the bout was over. Things changed when Vince McMahon bought WCW in 2001. Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard told him there were no plans for him, and Jim told him to spend time with the family.

Speaking of Rey’s family, Dominick was already a part of the family, and Angie was expecting their second child. The uncertainty took over, but things turned better for the Mexican superstar as he landed on the July 25th SmackDown in 2002. What followed him since his debut has been a part of the public eye, including a Dominik Mysterio custody match with his best friend, Eddie Guerrero.

Rey has proven that hard work, persistence and commitment to your craft can take you places where mere talent cannot go. Mysterio is the personification of quality, cultural heritage and being a role model.

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