Rey Mysterio ‘Furious’ With Daughter Boyfriend News?

Following a brief hiatus from WWE television, Buddy Murphy made his return recently to WWE Smackdown. In an effort to advance and rekindle his feud with Rey Mysterio and the Mysterio family, Murphy took to social media via Instagram and wrote up a now-deleted post berating the Mysterios, and Rey or management appear to have been angered by the post. This post was soon ordered to be be taken down by WWE. This huge Rey Mysterio WrestleMania title match is rumored.



“Let’s point out the obvious! The Mysterio’s used me! I never needed them! I’m beyond one of the most talent in-ring performers on the planet! Aalah used me to be on tv and advance an acting career. Dominik used me so he had a reason to stand ringside. Rey was jealous that I became the new face of the cruiserweight and he was left out of the discussion. They took what they wanted then they left me in the shadows! Sounds like my time in NXT.”

Vince McMahon recently ‘buried’ this Rey Mysterio title match. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had the following to say regarding the post. “Buddy Murphy, I guess did an Instagram post trying to shoot his own angle with the Mysterios. He was ordered to delete it and so he did.” Meltzer would also comment on Murphy’s return to WWE television where he tried to rekindle his business relationship with Seth Rollins.

“Yeah, that was another thing they changed. A storyline that changed for no reason and I guess he decided to come up with a reason to end it and turn heel and they didn’t want him shooting his own angle on Instagram.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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