Rey Mysterio Hoping WWE Will Reconsider His Suspension, More Rey-WWE News

Partial source: PWInsider



– Rey Mysterio worked the weekend WWE SmackDown/ECW live events, putting over World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk in the main events.

Mysterio has told wrestlers who are asking that he had a legitimate prescription for the painkillers and that WWE didn’t give him proper notice and time for his doctor to provide details on the prescription. Mysteiro is hoping that WWE will reconsider his suspension when he speaks with management on Tuesday.

Some people within WWE feel Mysterio did the interview in Mexico to build sympathy for himself in the Mexican market just in case this all leads to his WWE departure, since Mexico will most likely be where Rey ends up if that happens. It’s believed that Rey put himself in a position after doing the interview where WWE has to punish him more, with possibly a fine, or risk another WWE talent doing something similar to what he did in speaking to the media.

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