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Rey Mysterio returning to WWE, signs two-year deal

Rey Mysterio

It has been a long time coming and Rey Mysterio has now reportedly signed a deal to return to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The 43-year-old  had angled for an 18-month deal, but WWE wanted his commitment for two years and that is what has been agreed between the two parties. on that note, a break clause has reportedly been included in the deal that would allow the high-flyer to serve notice at the 18-month mark.

There is no timeline on Mysterio’s return but it isn’t expected to be far away and creative are currently working on a way to slot him into their storylines.

There have been rumors that WWE may look for him to lead a faction of masked wrestlers and the company has reportedly approached Lucha stars Pentagon Jnr and Fenix. On his re-introduction, how would you guys book it using your creative hats? We would love to hear your booking ideas in the comments section below.


  • Mike the Ike

    WWE signed him to lose to charisma vacuum Hundred Souls. This will not get that hack over. Just watch, Rey will be getting pinned by him clean before Royal Rumble.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He probably gets put in the WWE Hall of Fame before his 2 years are up. But I think he got some bad knees right now so it probably a Part Time Deal.

  • Killswitch

    I think that’s the obvious solution as well. Without Neville or Enzo, it has very weak star power. Rockstar Spud helps, but it’s given me very little reason to watch it.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Ew why…ugh he sucked so bad at ALL IN.

  • CC

    One story on the site says Penta and Fenix are not coming to WWE, another story does not seem to know that.

    Simple fact is, if they are looking at putting him with a faction, we all know it will be be Lucha house party.
    And to be fair, putting Rey on 205 live would actually be a huge boost for the show. Putting him on the main roster will give you some high profile matches like Styles or Rollins for instance, but will do very little to pull in extra viewers.

  • Sparti Love

    Lead a faction? He’s not good on the mic. Slot him to 205 to grow that brand