Rey Mysterio On If He Would Return to the WWE, Thoughts on 205 Live

Recently, Lucha Legend and former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio spoke to ESPN on the state of 205 Live, and if he intends to return to the WWE for a final run. He first cleared the air on his contractual obligations, saying that he’s not stuck with any one company right now. Mysterio seems to be pretty happy with his open independent schedule.



“I’m not locked up to any company. I’m an independent contractor, as we say. I could go work wherever I want. That’s the beautiful thing about being on this side of the fence. You can go around and wrestle wherever you want.”

Mysterio is happy working a flexible schedule, being able to spend time with his family while also working wherever he pleases.

Mysterio also spoke on 205 Live. Specifically, Rey talked about its popularity, or lack thereof, stating that he can’t figure out why it isn’t more popular.

“I don’t know. To be honest with you, I can scratch my head all day and not figure it out because they do have the talent.”

He went on to compare 205 Live to the later years of WCW and wondered how much freedom they have compared to Lucha Underground.

“[In Lucha Underground] It’s Johnny Mundo vs Rey Mysterio and fifteen minutes. We’ll go ahead and tear the house down without limitation. With 205 Live and the comparison with WCW, it was just a different time. We had no competition, the cruiserweights had no competition.

I think it’s to that point where there’s another phase of evolution of the sport. I see guys like Ricochet and Will Ospreay, and I’m going ‘Where are these guys coming up with all these moves?”

Mysterio believes that 205’s problems come from the talents lack of creative freedom.

He would finish his interview with a question about a return to the WWE. Mysterio has been working on trying to finish up a final run with the company recently, but some issues have kept both parties from finalizing a deal. One issue in particular is Mysterio’s friend Konnan. It’s no secret that Vince McMahon and Konnan have a strained relationship. Konnan felt insulted when it came to the Max Moon character, and McMahon got fed up with Konnan when he began no showing events.

Rey’s affiliation with Konnan, supposedly, is the main reason behind WWE keeping its distance from the legendary luchador. Mysterio also tried to follow Konnan to GFW recently, but talks fell through back in September. It’s possible that talks have reopened between Mysterio and the WWE, but neither side has commented on it.

When it comes to a final return to the company, Mysterio said:

“I would definitely love to go back and finish up. Whether it’s one year or whatever the case might be. Whether it’s a farewell. I owe a lot to the company. That company gave me an amazing opportunity, and I took advantage of very single moment to the fullest.”

“I would love to come back and say goodbye to my WWE fans, tell them goodbye in a proper way.”

Mysterio said, however, that he wouldn’t go back to a full time schedule. Not only would it be too difficult a transition for him, but he feels it would be a common sense move for the company as well.

Mysterio is loving the lighter schedule he has working the independents, and he’s making a big amount of money doing so. It wouldn’t be shocking to see WWE bring him back in a limited or part time role. They’ve been looking to add more star power to 205 Live, and since Mysterio is clearly high on the product, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him show up in between the purple ropes sometime in the future.

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