Rey Mysterio reveals WWE Superstar didn’t feel bad after injuring him

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Rey Mysterio remains a highlight on Friday Night Smackdown and he is a bonafide legend in the pro wrestling business. His career spans three decades and he has competed in various promotions during his time as a pro wrestler.



In 2002, Rey Mysterio and The Big Show were feuding and during their feud, a shocking spot took place. Mysterio recently spoke to the Not About Wrestling podcast, where he talked about facing The Big Show at WWE Backlash in 2002.

Mysterio was asked whether The Big Show felt bad after injuring him during the match, to which Mysterio revealed that Big Show did not feel bad at all.

“So I had this match against The Big Show and for some reason he thought it was a good idea to put me and strap me onto a stretcher and he picked that sucker up from the ground, I was strapped up to the board and he swung it like a baseball bat across the pole on the outside. When it hit, obviously he let it go. I was strapped and my head just went boom and it hit on the ground. I had to go to the hospital that day but that was probably one of the worst times. Not really [Big Show didn’t feel bad afterwards]. But you know what? That’s how I was raised. I was raised tough and I was the only kid in the wrestling class that was eight-years old.”