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Rey Mysterio SHOCKS Samoa Joe and becomes the NEW United States Champion

WrestleMania revenge has been taken.

AT the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe faced off in a WrestleMania 35 rematch for the United States Championship. However, this match wasn’t long either as Rey Mysterio rolled up Joe for an early victory AND the title.

A major botch occured as the referee counted up to three when Mysterio rolled up Joe for a two count. However, Mysterio was still declared victorious and given the title regardless.

After the match, a busted up and unhappy Joe laid waste to Mysterio while the latter looked to celebrate with his son Dominick.

Most importantly, Rey Mysterio has FINALLY entered the prestigious Grand Slam club of WWE.


  • Wicka Steve

    Rey hasn’t put on a good match since WCW. He has no business wrestling heavyweights.

  • Jamie

    I agree with you,, Joe should not be losing to this guy who is well past his sell by date and also there are reports that Ray got injured somewhere in the match although they are unconfirmed reports !! Very disappointing indeed .

  • CC

    Yeah the finish looked botched but I am not convinced the title change was unintended.
    Knowing WWE, the plan was for Rey to win all along as they just cannot seem to accept Joe as a top star worthy of carrying a title.