Rey Mysterio Wife To Be Arrested Before Raw?

Dominik Mysterio is a full-blown heel who turned on his father Rey Mysterio and his partner Edge at WWE Clash at the Castle. The event has since changed the trajectory of the family and the dynamics have never been the same.



Dominik decided to ruin Christmas for his family just like he did Thanksgiving, but this time around Rey Mysterio had help from the law. He called police on his son in a storyline and got him arrested for his actions.

Rhea Ripley was around when this happened and she was not arrested by the legal authorities. She though helped him Judgement Day superstar to come out of jail on bail. Dominik expressed his happiness via Twitter about the incident, but wants his mom and Dad arrested.

Notably, Rey has moved to SmackDown while Dominik is still on Raw and a member of The Judgement Day. He has Finn Balor, and Damien Priest to his credit, but they didn’t come for help when Dominik needed it the most.

It felt like this storyline was over after the masked superstar moved to Friday Nights, but the fight still ensues. The company is still keeping the fans involved in this fight although things are out of order and don’t want to see it anymore.

Triple H is at the helm of creative things and it looks like he would be planning to set the record straight by ending this rivalry in a fashion where the son overpowers his father. It would be an interesting sight, but we would have to see how this plays out.

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