Rhea Ripley Admits To Having Two Boyfriends

Rhea Ripley, the reigning WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, has ascended to the pinnacle of stardom within the company. Her association with the formidable faction known as The Judgement Day has propelled her to newfound heights of popularity and success. Recently, Ripley found herself at the center of an uproarious incident involving Seth Rollins on a thrilling episode of Monday Night RAW. In the aftermath, Ripley has shed light on the reactions of Buddy Matthews and Dominik Mysterio to Rollins’ apology, giving fans a glimpse into the backstage dynamics.



During the electrifying match, Ripley and Rollins ingeniously decided to pay homage to a legendary moment from the 2006 Survivor Series event, where Shawn Michaels and Melina executed a memorable spot. The reenactment turned out to be a hilarious spectacle that left the audience in stitches.

Promptly following the uproar, Seth Rollins took it upon himself to address his actions, expressing a sincere hope that his former protégé, Buddy Matthews, did not take offense. However, it seems that his gesture of contrition did not appease Dominik Mysterio either.

In a candid conversation on the popular Battleground Podcast, Rhea Ripley shed light on the aftermath of Rollins’ apology, disclosing that her real-life boyfriend, Buddy Matthews, had accepted the olive branch extended by Rollins. However, the same could not be said for Dominik Mysterio, who appears to be harboring a burning desire for vengeance instead.

When asked about whether Dominik or Buddy had accepted Rollins’ apology, Ripley revealed:

 “Buddy, yes. Dom Dom, on the other hand, seems to have been ignited by a fire within him, and he yearns for retribution. While I haven’t discussed it with him in the past 24 hours, I know for a fact that he wasn’t particularly pleased. We exchanged words immediately after the incident, and I could sense that he is determined to settle the score.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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