Rhea Ripley Boyfriend Sad Problem With Dominik Leaks

Buddy Matthews has been making waves in AEW since his release from WWE in the previous year. As a member of The House Of Black, he has achieved significant success, currently holding the AEW Trios Championship. However, recent rumors have surfaced suggesting that he might feel uneasy about his real-life partner, Rhea Ripley’s on-screen relationship with Dominik Mysterio.



Buddy Matthews and Rhea Ripley have been in a real-life relationship for a while now, often expressing their love and support for each other on social media, despite working for different wrestling companies. However, given Rhea Ripley’s on-screen romantic involvement with Dominik Mysterio, fans and even some pro wrestlers have jokingly speculated that Buddy might have insecurities about their relationship.

ECW legend Francine addressed these rumors during a recent episode of her Eyes Up Here podcast. She acknowledged that being in the wrestling business involves playing characters and often taking part in romantic storylines that include physical interactions like touching and kissing. While she understands that Buddy is also part of the wrestling business and should comprehend the nature of these storylines, she noted that it is still possible for him to feel uncomfortable seeing his partner in such situations.

Francine empathized with Buddy, stating that no one wants to witness their significant other romantically interacting with someone else, even if it’s just for show. However, she emphasized that being part of the wrestling business comes with an understanding that these storylines are a part of the job and are meant to entertain the audience. She mentioned that Rhea and Dominik’s heel storyline has been effective in garnering fan reactions, including those who might believe that there’s something more to their on-screen chemistry.

“Buddy’s in the business, Rhea’s in the business, Dom’s in the business, right? We are actors. This is a form of acting. We are role playing. We are characters. Sometimes storylines are romantic and involve touching and kissing and, you know, over the top innuendos. And your partner, especially if he’s in the wrestling business, needs to understand that it’s all a work. I’m sure Buddy gets it. Now, could he feel uncomfortable? Sure. No one wants to see their significant other rubbing on somebody else or kissing somebody or whatever.

You know, seeing your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or whatever, it can be difficult. It can be uncomfortable. But, especially when you are part of the wrestling business, you know what to expect. These things happen. And Rhea and Dominik are getting over so much in the heel department and the fans will come at you and believe that there’s something going on. A 100% there’s gonna be those fans… It’s just the way the business is. You have to do things to go along with the story and I think Buddy gets it. He gets it. He’s probably friendly with Dominik. They were sitting at the Hall of Fame together. He knows what’s up.”

Despite the potential discomfort, Francine believes that Buddy understands the nature of the business and knows that it’s all part of playing roles as professional wrestlers. She even mentioned that Buddy and Dominik seem to be friendly, as evidenced by their time spent together at the Hall of Fame event.

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