Rhea Ripley Flaunts Tattoos In Scorching Photo

The Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley recently took to her Instagram account and posted a selfie, flaunting her great figure and tattoos.



Former WWE writer comments on possible romantic angle between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio

Legion of RAW co-host Dr. Chris Featherstone recently pitched the idea of Ripley possibly marrying Dominik. Russo wasn’t against the plan, as a romantic angle would make the whole storyline seem more logical.

Here’s what Russo explained:

“Great (if Dominik marries Rhea Ripley at the end of the storyline). Are they going to show us scenes from the bedroom and her beating the crap out of him? Because, okay, fine, you show me that, and we’ve got something,” said Vince Russo. “You don’t show me that, bro. I’m begging somebody to tell me why I’m supposed to care. That’s all I want to know. Triple H, somebody tells me why I’m supposed to care about this.”

Vince Russo further noted that WWE rushed the ongoing feud between Dominik and his legendary father.Dominik turned on Rey Mysterio and Edge at Clash at the Castle and has since fully adapted his new sinister gimmick. However, Russo believes WWE could have carried on with the angle for at least six months before pulling the trigger:

“They sped up this storyline, so there was no substance,” Russo continued. “There are no balls to it. It came out of nowhere. He throws a lariat at his old man! They never told a story between Rhea Ripley and Dominik. What they are doing, bro should have been a 3-6 month story. There is no meat and substance to the story; therefore, I do not care.”

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