Rhea Ripley Gets Jacked With Boyfriend In Gym Video

The Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley recently posted a gym video with boyfriend Buddy Murphy. Ripley recently got in the middle of quite a frustrating situation at the airport. She was crowded and harassed by fans who wanted her to sign lots of merchandise, something that’s become a problem in recent years.



Now, former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona has called out Mark Madden for criticizing The Nightmare for complaining.

Rhea Ripley sent out a message on social media

Rhea Ripley sent out a warning after her unfortunate experience of getting stalked at the airport. She said that people needed to know that “no” meant exactly that.

“People need to respect that no means no! At airports do not follow me outside. Today has put me off completely! I will not sign ANYTHING that isn’t a personal photo of us anymore. Hate me, I don’t care. Disagree with me, try putting yourselves in our shoes for one bloody day.”

Mark Madden, who is a former WCW commentator, called out Rhea Ripley after Justin LaBar defended Ripley talking about being stalked by fans. Former WWE star Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder in WWE) had enough of the comments and took a shot at Madden by asking him to “shut up.”

“Mark… please just shut the f**k up.

Rhea Ripley, who won this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match, is set to battle Charlotte Flair in a SmackDown Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 39.

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