Rhea Ripley Is Marrying Famous Pro Wrestler

Rhea Ripley is marrying Buddy Murphy, as seen in a photo below.



Former WWE star & ECW legend Francine recently shared her thoughts on WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley’s bold answer to a question about her favorite thing to do with Dominik Mysterio

‘The Eradicator’ has been in an on-screen relationship with her fellow Judgment Day teammate, Dominik Mysterio, for several months.

In a recent interview, Ripley was asked about her favorite thing to do with her on-screen boyfriend. She gave a one-word answer, “f**k” During a recent episode of her Eyes Up Here podcast, Francine praised Ripley’s response.

“Oh, that’s, okay, obviously in character. Obviously. Come on, she’s in character. That was probably, not probably, that was a WWE interview. Had to be okayed by the office. You’re in character a 100%, right? Great answer. Great answer. You want us to believe there’s something going on? Well, there you go. And I’m sure that Buddy saw that and he laughed his a** off,” she said.

During the same conversation, Francine addressed whether Matthews could be uncomfortable seeing his girlfriend kissing and touching Dominik. The former WWE star added:

“Buddy’s in the business, Rhea’s in the business, Dom’s in the business, right? We are actors. This is a form of acting. We are role playing. We are characters. Sometimes storylines are romantic and involve touching and kissing and, you know, over the top innuendos. And your partner, especially if he’s in the wrestling business, needs to understand that it’s all a work. I’m sure Buddy gets it. Now, could he feel uncomfortable? Sure. No one wants to see their significant other rubbing on somebody else or kissing somebody or whatever,” she said.

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