Rhea Ripley & Jey Uso Romance Rumor Leaks?

Artificial Intelligence or AI can do a lot of wonderful stuffs. A new image is going around of Jey Uso and Rhea Ripley embracing. This is either fan art, or an AI image, or a combo of the two. Either way, it started making the rounds on social media.



Jey Uso saw that art, and he probably got a good laugh at it. Then he took to his own Instagram story and re-posted the image. He also tagged Dominik Mysterio for good measure.

Jey Uso and Rhea Ripley are not a real-life item. Ripley is in a relationship with AEW star Buddy Matthews, and the two are set to be married. Jey Uso also has a family at home, but that didn’t stop this fan art from making the rounds.

Currently NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio and the WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley are currently in an on-screen relationship. The two have drawn a ton of heat all over, as they’ve even taken the act worldwide. That combination was really sparked into overdrive when they started carrying championship titles to boost their claims of clout, and fans have booed them out of the building time and time again.

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