Rhea Ripley ‘Licking’ Photo Revealed To Fans

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley knows her fans drool over her. She recently got the fans talking yet again with her recent actions.



Ripley admitted she ‘knows her fans’ after one fan forked out hundreds for a piece of paper she licked. The Women’s World Champion was taking part in a livestream autograph auction before Survivor Series: WarGames on Saturday night and was putting her signature down when she took things a step further.

The autograph already featured her cheeky slogan ‘Mama is always on top’, but that wasn’t enough for Rhea who added ‘I licked here’ on the sheet of paper.

To the shock of livestream hosts Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze, she actually licked the piece of paper in that exact spot, as the top bid quickly rose from $230 (£183.50).

In the end, it sold for $580 (£460), showing that everything has a price – even a hint of Rhea’s saliva.

‘I know my fans,’ the Judgment Day leader said as she shared photos of herself licking the paper and the autograph itself. ‘You’re welcome ’

‘$580 + cloning costs ,’ joked one fan, while another quipped: ‘Literally disgusting bro… (How do I get one?)’

‘The stuff these people do ,’ someone else laughed, while yet another teased: ‘Rhea please we’ve never been so jealous of a piece of paper.’

And a different fan took a chance, asking: ‘Hey rhea, my birthday is in two weeks can u give me an early birthday present and send me a signed and licked autograph? I would really appreciate it tbh ‼️

Barry Russell
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