Rhea Ripley Looks Ripped In Dressing Room Photo

The Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture flexing her muscles. She looked ripped in the picture as the caption read:



“Running on…
no sleep
no patience
& a eternal flame of anger in my soul.”

Former WWE star Bully Ray recently spoke about Ripley taking down some male opponents in single encounters. ‘The Eradicator’ is one of the most powerful athletes in WWE and she recently defeated Akira Tozawa in an impromptu matchup on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW after he sprayed a liquid on Dominik Mysterio. Tozawa put on a tough fight in the match but he was no match for Ripley. The Judgment Day member planted him with the Riptide for the win.

On a recent episode of the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray mentioned that Rhea could be positioned like Chyna was back in the day. He detailed that the Judgment Day member was a much better wrestler than Chyna and that her beating some of the Cruiserweights on the roster would make her a more credible competitor:

“I wouldn’t mind it at all. If you have the right woman,” Ray said. “Rhea is much more of an accomplished pro wrestler than Chyna ever was. Rhea has that same look, same stature. So now when I see Rhea in there defeating men, it makes her more credible to me. Am I saying you put Rhea Ripley in the ring with Roman? No, absolutely not. But you can put her in there with the undersized guys that she’s bigger than, all day long.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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