Rhea Ripley Posts Baby Photos With WWE Boyfriend

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley recently took to her Twitter account and wished Dominik Mysterio a Happy Father’s Day. The Judgment Day members have an interesting relationship, with Dominik often referring to Rhea as his “Mami.” Ripley poked fun at Dom’s parents in her Father’s Day message to Dominik.



“Happy Papi’s Day – Mami, Raymondo & Angelina 😘,” tweeted Ripley.

On Monday’s edition of USA Today’s “Under the Ring” podcast, the WWE Women’s World Champion talked about her pairing with Mysterio and why it works.

“Honestly, I’m not sure,” she responded when asked why the act is so effective. “Dominik and I, we barely talked before this whole Judgement Day thing. Like we said ‘Hi, how are you?’ and that was about it. So watching our chemistry blossom and grow week by week, we’re getting more comfortable with each other, which is fantastic. It’s been really fun. Also watching him grow as a performer and blossom and get more confident week-in and week-out, it’s been very rewarding, as well.” 

She added that since they’re about the same age, she thinks their mindsets are very similar as far as being chaotic, having fun, and playing off of each other goes. Furthermore, the audience has resonated with their characters as a result.

“It makes it easy for [fans] to follow and it makes it easy for them to understand what’s going on and it’s fun for people to see how much we’ve grown together, having the time of our lives,” she added before the topic pivoted to Mysterio’s potential.


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