Rhea Ripley says spotlight diminished after WrestleMania loss, but she’s optimistic

Going into WrestleMania 36, Rhea Ripley was one of the hottest talents in professional wrestling. After a dominant Survivor Series performance and ending Shayna Baszler’s second NXT Women’s Championship reign, the sky was the limit.



She quickly moved into a feud with Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Flair, and that’s where it all went wrong. Fans were skeptical when the angle began, as they felt that Charlotte would beat Rhea Ripley, putting a stop to her momentum on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

They were right, and though it was arguably the best match on the two-night event, it didn’t elevate Ripley. In an interview with Newsweek, the former NXT Women’s Champion said that the spotlight was taken off of her, but her time will come again.

“I feel like it diminished a little bit, but we all have to share the spotlight. I had my time to shine and it will come again, but right now Io is the NXT Women’s Champion and I’m working my way back up to be in that spotlight again. Whether that comes or not, we’ll see. I’ve got to try other things and face other people as well. I had my time and everyone is going to have their time and I’m just happy to be here and wrestling and kicking butt.”

Rhea Ripley will face Dakota Kai on NXT tonight, and hopes to get back into that title picture should she pick up the win.

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