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WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley was recently spotted in a photoshoot with The Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley. Kelley posted pictures on her Twitter account with the following caption:



“mother’s day came early this year 😈”

Check out the Tweet below:

The reigning WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke to Chris Boyle of The Daytona Beach News-Journal about her match with the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match winner Rhea Ripley.

She said:“With Rhea, we’re not starting from scratch. We have so much history. We have our first face-off Friday.

“I’m not planning anything in my head creatively because I want to feel the energy. I want to feel what the audience thinks of how far she’s come, and where I’m at now. Will it be a different vibe? Are they going to want to see her beat me, or do they know she’s not ready? I have to feel it out there, depending on my mind, what direction to go”.

Flair believes that Ripley will have a special motive to defeat her, considering the previous duels. She said:

 “At the same time, I feel how Rhea feels will be much different. I beat her for the NXT title, I beat her for the Raw title.

That’s something, in her heart: “I know I can beat Charlotte. I have to beat Charlotte”. I feel like she has something to prove to herself. … And we naturally have such great chemistry. I know she’s going to bring it, and she knows I’m going to bring it”.