Rhea Ripley Shows Entire Body In Flexing Photo

Rhea Ripley showed her entire body in a new flexing photo, as seen below.



Roman Reigns recently had a memorable promo with Cody Rhodes on SmackDown, leading up to their championship match at WrestleMania 39. However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has stated that Reigns’ comments about Dusty Rhodes and his relationship with his son Cody were untrue. Meltzer revealed that those who worked with Dusty on a daily basis stated that he was very interested in Cody’s career and would be emotionally affected if Cody was booked to lose in WWE. According to Meltzer, Dusty’s mood for the week was largely determined by how well Cody was being used on Raw.

”For the record from people who worked with him daily, they would say that Dusty’s mood for the week was mostly built around if Cody was getting a push on Raw or not. If Cody was used well, Dusty would be in a great mood all week, and if he wasn’t used well, Dusty would be in a bad mood all week.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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