Rhea Ripley Shows Legs In Scorching Dress Photos

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley recently took to her Instagram account and posted a selfie flaunting her fine legs.



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It seems that Rhea Ripley believes she has done the right thing by stealing Dirty Dominik Mysterio away from Rey Mysterio.

‘Mami’ recently attended the premiere event for WWE’s new reality show Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez. Chris Van Vliet asked Ripley if she takes credit for Dominik Mysterio’s success over the last year and Ripley explained why Dom is doing so well:

“Maybe just a little bit. I mean, he was doing well with Rey, but everyone would have looked at him as Rey Mysterio’s son. Everyone would have criticized him for every little thing that he did if he stayed with Rey where with Mami….I feel like I just brought out a little devilish side of him. A little menace. I love every single second of it. He’s really just excelled and exceeded everything that he’s doing. He’s so comfortable out there now too. You can really see it. I’m so proud of him.”

The Women’s World Champion also opened up on being compared to Chyna. She said that it’s a privilege for her but at the same time, she wants to be remembered as the first Rhea Ripley:

“It feels amazing. Chyna, she broke down walls for the females here in the WWE. If I could continue doing that…even just being compared to her that’s such a privilege for me. But at the same time as being compared to Chyna, I also want to be Rhea Ripley. I want to be myself and I don’t want to be remembered as the girl that was like Chyna. I want to be remembered as the first-ever Rhea Ripley. So yes, I can do things that are similar. I can step in the ring with the men and show my dominance through that way but I do it in my own sort of way at the same time. I’m cheeky I’m devilish. I’m a menace and I get away with a lot.”

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