Rhea Ripley Shows Ripped Backside In Backstage Photo

Rhea Ripley has firmly established herself as one of the top female WWE Superstars in the current roster, amassing a significant fanbase due to her unwavering dedication to her craft. Recently, she engaged in a brutal match with Natalya on Monday Night RAW, which left her with visible wounds as evidence of the physicality involved.



During the match, Natalya initially had the upper hand, but Ripley quickly regained control, showcasing why she is the Women’s Champion. However, even the champion herself did not emerge unscathed, as she suffered a cut in her mouth during the intense encounter. Despite the injury, Ripley displayed her resilience and ultimately secured victory with a deadlift Riptide move, asserting her dominance in the ring. Natalya, to her credit, pushed Ripley to her limits like no other opponent during her current reign as champion.

Taking to Instagram, Ripley shared a couple of photos showcasing the aftermath of the match, proudly displaying the battle scars she incurred during the fierce contest.


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Imma keep winning while y’all keep losing at life 😘 #StayMad.”

Fans eagerly anticipate WWE’s plans for Rhea Ripley at the upcoming SummerSlam event. As the company continues to book her, the audience remains curious about the challenges she will face and how her character, known as “The Eradicator,” will evolve in the lead-up to the highly anticipated SummerSlam Premium Live Event.

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