Rhea Ripley Shows Ripped Body In Hotel Photo

Rhea Ripley took to her Instagram and uploaded a gorgeous hotel room selfie.



2 days. #WrestleMania39 👑⚖️




Dominik Mysterio’s involvement with The Judgment Day storyline began after he betrayed his father and Edge last year. He has been frequently paired with Rhea Ripley since then, which has led fans to speculate about their relationship. Dominik has expressed concern that Rhea might set Rey Mysterio’s house on fire.

Dominik caused a scene on Thanksgiving when he attacked his father, ruining the family’s annual celebration. He and Rhea Ripley attempted to crash Rey Mysterio’s home on Christmas Eve, but things did not go as planned, and Dominik was arrested. As a consequence of his actions, he was sent to jail, and he recently explained why.

After a brief stint in jail as part of his storyline, Dominik returned with a new appearance, earning him the nickname Prison Dom. Fans are beginning to enjoy his heel character.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Dominik said he prefers to have no interaction with his family and delegates all family visits to his friend Rhea Ripley. If Rhea is available, they may celebrate special occasions together, such as the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Dominik even joked that if Rhea is around for the Fourth of July, they might decide to light the family house on fire, although he acknowledges that Rhea is the one who usually initiates these events.

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