Rhea Ripley’s Real Boyfriend Posts Intimate Photo

The bond between professional wrestlers extends beyond the squared circle, and this was evident when AEW star Buddy Matthews expressed his heartfelt appreciation for his real-life girlfriend, Rhea Ripley, following her recent victory on Monday Night RAW.



During the match, Ripley displayed her prowess and determination as she successfully defended her Women’s World Championship against Natalya. Employing her devastating finishing move, the Riptide, Ripley secured the win and retained her coveted title. Impressed by her performance, Matthews took to social media to publicly acknowledge and celebrate Ripley’s accomplishment.

In a touching and genuine message, Matthews conveyed his gratitude and admiration for Ripley, acknowledging the remarkable journey they have embarked on together. From their shared experiences traveling the world as professional wrestlers to the serendipitous moment when they found each other, their connection runs deep. He affectionately referred to Ripley as his best friend, partner in crime, and even gym partner, highlighting the multifaceted nature of their relationship.

The post not only showcases Matthews’ unwavering support for Ripley’s achievements in the wrestling ring but also underscores the love and appreciation they have for each other beyond their professional pursuits. It is a testament to the deep bond they have forged as a couple, transcending their careers and finding solace, understanding, and inspiration in one another.

The wrestling community and fans alike were touched by Matthews’ heartfelt message, recognizing the genuine and profound connection that exists between the couple. Their relationship serves as a reminder that even amidst the demanding world of professional wrestling, love, support, and genuine appreciation can flourish, enriching the lives of those involved.

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Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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