Ric Flair ‘Banned’ From AEW After Bad News?

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has made the headlines after the Dark Side of the Ring’s episode about the Plane Ride From Hell. He had even trended on Twitter and the former ECW Tommy Dreamer was suspended from Impact Wrestling because of the comments he made on the episode. Flair was alleged of harassment but he had denied the allegations against him.



Fans protest against AEW signing Ric Flair

There are also calls for AEW to leave Flair alone after the episode. AEW seemed have almost bagged the signing of ‘The Nature Boy’ and it is speculated that he would be joining forces with Andrade El Idolo. But those plans could be up in the air after this week’s Dark Side of the Ring. Triple H ‘Very Sad’ Phone Call News Leaks

Flair was not punished after the Plane Ride From Hell. AEW commentator Jim Ross was quoted on the show as saying that Flair was “a made man” at the time.

It might be harder for Tony Khan to bring Flair immediately to AEW after last night’s episode and Tommy Dreamer blindly defending it was also lambasted.

“So Ric Flair in AEW is ALL OUT,” another fan reacted. Even more fans were taking shots at the wrestling legend. Others sent out messages hoping that Ric Flair never works again. This was a huge backlash and fans are also calling on Tony Khan to “do the right thing” and never hire Ric Flair.





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